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Infinity SmoothEdge Laminates are designed as backstage passes for the concert, tour, festival, sporting and special events industry. These passes can be used as backstage passes for concert or festival security or to create a keepsake name tag or marketing piece that promotes your branding, messaging or sponsors to your attendees for your special event.

ISE Laminates are great backstage passes for the concert and festival industry. These passes can be used to distinguish between artists, VIP guests, crew, and other personnel and are a perfect securtiy solution. Additional security measures can be added to the back stage passes through the use of custom shapes or custom foiling to help deter counterfeiting. Talk to us about combining your ISE laminates with our temporary full color satin stickers for a complete tour package.

ISE Laminates are a great addition to any special event. Through design changes, color, or the shape of the credentials itself the ISE credentials create a unique way of distinguishing between VIPs, speakers, staff, security and other guests. These credentials also allow for additional space to display or sell sponsorships. This sponsorship space is an invaluable opportunity for a sponsor to reach every guest on an individual level. These passes make each attendee feel special and often people keep them for years as a keepsake of a special night.

The ISE laminates also work well for corporate meetings and conferences. The laminates can serve a dual purpose of promoting the message of the meeting to each attendee as well as having the meeting itinerary, breakout sessions or a wide array of other information pre-printed directly on the back of the credential. The credentials/name tags start to promote the message and branding of the meeting as soon as attendees register. The passes can also be designed to allow meeting staff to locate key attendees who may be speaking or being honored through the use of pre-printed changes in colors, or the shape of the credential itself.

All Access Name Tags & Credentials laminates create a unique way to promote your product or event. The credentials create a sense of importance around a product or event and make whoever recieves one feel great. Most recipents of credentials hold on to them for an extended period of time even after a promotion has concluded.

ISE Laminates are great for:

Design & Build

All Access Name Tags & Credentials Infinity SmoothEdge Laminates are manufactured in one of two ways depending on your needs.

For passes that need to endure a lot of wear and tear or a multiday tour or event we suggest you make the selection of our Infinity SmoothEdge Synthetic Core. This synthetic material creates a thermal bond with the lamination allowing the credentials to become wet or bent without the lamination peeling or the core splitting. This also creates a more secure pass in that this synthetic material is the same tamper resistant material that is used in many state driver licenses and ID cards. When the credential is complete it is about the same thickness of a credit card or most state IDs.

For one-day events or events where there will not be a lot of wear and tear on the laminates we suggest our Infinity SmoothEdge PaperCore Credentials. These passes look and feel the same as our ISE Synthetic Core Passes but are intended for light wear and tear. The ISE PaperCore credentials allow you to create custom shapes and have the same look and feel as the ISE Synthetic Core credential but at a reduced cost.

Don't forget you can always add foiling, barcodes, or holographic serial numbered stickers to your passes for added security.

Make sure to download the proper template from our Artwork Guidlelines Page.

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